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How To Be

I would never tell you how to be, hell, i shouldn’t even tell me; only to look and try to see, you are both the prisoner and the one who is free.

Bong Show

Neither to be proven right or wrong, the argument persists time since long and longer still this desire to belong, this feeling of wanting so infinitely strong; I’ll conclude by sayin’, pass the damn bong.



Once new numbers grew to a zoo then withdrew like déjà vu via different points of view.


A past that’s darktomorrow’s a fightwe’ve missed the markbut what is right? A corruption of thoughtrefined to expectmanifesting what’s taughtit’s what we project. What is the Ithat afflicts us alla damaging crya path to our […]

Grain of salt

Take my words with a grain of salt; unless you’re salt-sensitive,then you may want toconsider a substitute thatcontains potassium chloride. Keep in mind that it’s been suggested that people withheart or kidney problems shouldconsult a […]


Strive as hard as you can,with all the focus one can muster,coupled with unwavering determination,reinforced by a narrow spotlight of conscious attention,as if life depended on it,as if meaning itselfteetered toward annihilationin the absence of […]

Freaky Photo Edits

Here’s a few photogragh edits from past years. Either iphone 4s or Samsung S7 with Snapseed, Photo Layers, ColorSplash, Phonto.


Teetering on the edge,afraid to jump,for fear of fallingimpacting, of annihilation,teetering, to step back,forever fearing,then disappearing.

It Could

It could end in sorrow. It could end in pain. It could end in tomorrow, while sipping on champagne. It could end in rest.It could end in sleep.It could end in undressed,while experiencing a dream. […]

True Worth

A ring caught my eye, i didn’t walk by, looking so unique; one of a kind in my mind, like some kind of freak. Cast with 1000s more, pedaled like a whore, what is it […]